Hardwell Gives The Chainsmokers A Hardstyle Flip


Superstar DJ Hardwell teamed up with Sephyx to premiere a new remix exclusively on his radio show Hardwell On Air. For his most recent effort, the Dutch producer dropped an unexpected hardstyle take on The Chainsmokers’ recent single “Don’t Let Me Down” featuring Daya, delivering an explosive festival banger brimming with electrifying energy.

Hardwell and Sephyx’s version of “Don’t Let Me Down” opens innocently enough with Daya’s familiar vocals and a head nodding Trap style beat. However, things quickly get out of hand as the producers take the track into harder territory. Infusing grinding gabber kicks and jubilant synth leads, Hardwell and Sephyx deliver a scorching dancefloor anthem that eschews the more pop friendly vibe of the original version.

While no one could have predicted that a hardstyle flip would work on a song like “Don’t Let Me Down,” the two producers somehow manage to pull it off, resulting in a unique remix that will have dance floors around the world moving.