Hardwell Teams Up With Jake Reese Once More On “Run Wild”


You can’t force creative chemistry, so when an artist finds it they should hold onto it. Hardwell appears to have taken this into account, as he’s enlisted the vocal musings of “Mad World” collaborator Jake Reese on a new track titled “Run Wild.”

An effective marriage between Hardwell’s distinctive progressive house sound design and Reese’s crisp vocals, “Run Wild” is practically engineered to make a thousands-deep festival crowd jump up and down to its monstrous bass kicks. A trumpeting synth stack at the drop brings a surging electricity to the arrangement that keeps it fresh in your mind throughout the day.

“Run Wild” may not be an electronic music release that redefines the wheel, but with so many other Dutch artists trying in vain to emulate current fad genres, it’s actually refreshing to see one of them stick to what he knows.

Listen to Hardwell‘s “Run Wild” featuring Jake Reese in the SoundCloud player above and sound off in the comments section with your thoughts on the track.

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