Lane 8 Brings The Deep House Vibes With Summer 2016 Mixtape


Over the past couple of years, Lane 8 has become one of the most renowned names in deep house, and this week, the American-born, Germany-based DJ/producer has reminded everyone who hasn’t seen him perform lately just why that is by uploading the Summer 2016 Mixtape to his SoundCloud account.

Lane 8’s mix kicks off on a sublimely soothing tone before expanding its stylistic range by mixing in elements of acid house – and eventually even dissonant techno tracks. His sound is somewhat more conceptual and accessible than that of other artists of the same style, but still manages not to sound as watered down as what more mainstream melodic house artists put out.

After listening to Lane 8‘s Summer 2016 Mixtape, we’re certainly looking forward to his follow-up to April’s “Fingerprint.” Be sure to keep on the lookout for more mixes and releases from the artist as well, as he’ll surely want to close the summer out on a high note.