Henry Fong Jumps On The Bass House Bandwagon With “Turn It Up”


There are only two things we’ve come to expect from Henry Fong: dreadlocks and electro house. It looks like he’s traded in one of those things for the crossover appeal of the bass house genre, though, and it doesn’t come across as genuinely as his other releases.

You could already guess what kind of track “Turn It Up” would be just by hearing its title. The frequency-modulated bass line and pump-you-up vocals of the actual production itself don’t make for incredibly redeeming qualities; more than anything they signal the start of an era during which bass house will become as homogenized as the fad genres that precede it.

Nonetheless, if you’re a fan of bass house then you might find that you enjoy what Henry Fong put together for “Turn It Up.” Give the track a listen in the SoundCloud player above and tell us what you think by making a trip down to the comments section below.