Here’s why Summer Walker’s tattoo is getting internet side-eye

While tattoos are most certainly a person’s personal business, things get considerably murkier when they’re posted on the internet. Today, users logging onto Twitter may have been confused to see “Larry” trending and would have likely been even more baffled to learn that it was because of musician Summer Walker.

The video that got the internet buzzing was of Walker with her boyfriend Larry, aka rapper LVRD Pharaoh. In it, the couple has matching facial name tattoos, which you can see in the post below.

People were quick to roast Walker across the internet, with one user asking the question that many wanted to: “Why would Summer tattoo that man name on her forehead?”

Many simply said that having a name like Larry tattooed on your face was way too uncool, with one saying “you cannot pay me enough” to get that tattoo.

While we hate to break it to this Twitter user, Walker did, in fact, get a “lame ass name like Larry tatted on underneath her eye.” Or so it seems.

Many fans were upset, as her latest album, Still Over It, was about the journey of getting over a messy breakup. Now that she’s getting a man’s name tattooed on her face, they were disappointed at the decision’s seeming lack of ingenuity.

It looks like the internet just plain detests Summer Walker’s newest tattoo. Were you surprised to see Larry trending? What do you think of Walker’s new face ink? Sound off in the comments.