Highly Anticipated Dre Beats “Pro” Gets Pushed to Late Summer

This week, people anxiously awaited the release of the new Dre Beats Pro headphones, only to find out that the original release date of June 2010, was now pushed back to late summer. Hopefully these things are the real deal, because a 2 month delay on these puppies and a $399.99 price tag seem like a little much. 

The headphones are high performance professional headphones that boast a nice set of features. Proprietary duel input/output cable ports, a threaded 1/4 inch gold plated adapter with tether, flip-up ear cups and plush and washable ear cushions are all part of the deal with these headphones.

Apparently Lebron just signed a deal with Monster to create his own line of headphones. So the once “promoter” of Dr. Dre’s Beat headphones, will now be competing with him and rocking his own line of beats. Interesting.

We’ll keep you posted once we find out more.

Will you be picking up these headphones?