Hitimpulse’s “Wishes” Remix Is Totally “Future Drum And Bass”


Yeah, “future drum and bass.” It’s a thing now.

Berliner DJ/producer Hitimpulse just might have tapped into a combination of styles with his remix of Rhodes’ “Wishes” that’s worth a closer listen. What he’s released utilizes a surprisingly effective synthesis between the syncopated percussion of drum and bass and the glassy, atmospheric synth work of future bass that I kinda’ can’t believe hasn’t already been done and then duplicated to death like every other nice sound in electronic music.

Hitimpulse looks to be pretty well acquainted with regular future bass, which I suppose would make sense. He appears to have only just launched his current artist project and released a a few remixes (including “Wishes”), but he’s already proven himself capable of experimenting with new sounds and still turning out music that works. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that his first original track release will arrive in a hurry.

In the meantime, show Hitimpulse‘s remix to all your producer friends and tell them to try the fusion for themselves so we can share the good word of future drum and bass with the masses… Or you know, maybe we should just leave it at this one track this time, right? I can’t decide, so cast your vote in the comments section below.

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