Hoodie Allen Dates New Album Titled People Keep Talking, Announces Exclusive Pre-Order Giveaways


Despite being a rocker through and through, ever since I heard Hoodie Allen’s Pep Rally mixtape back during my Long Island college years, the rapper’s tracks have made their way onto almost every playlist I whip up. While it’s something I’ll never understand, my love of Hoodie’s beats are echoed by the always growing numbers of the “Hoodie Mob,” those devout fans who Tweet incessantly at the social media butterfly that is Hoodie Allen. The man loves his fans as much as he loves his music, and that’s something that has helped establish a skyrocketing popularity destined for super-stardom.

Hoodie is also one of the hardest working men in the business, whether he’s releasing tracks while on tour or video chatting with a few lucky fans, and after recently recording some 24 plus songs, he’s finally announced the details surrounding his new album – titled People Keep Talking.

Dropping on October 14th, People Keep Talking will be Hoodie’s second LP (not counting Americoustic), and a highly anticipated follow-up to All American. While two songs have already been released leading up to the album, Show Me What You’re Made Of and Nolan Ryan, only Show Me What You’re Made Of will be making it onto People Keep Talking – possibly because of the dramatic aftermath when a few people felt dissed by Nolan Ryan. It’s a damn shame because Hoodie throws nothing but heat throughout Nolan Ryan, standing as some of his most mechanically impressive fire-spitting to date.

In addition to the release confirmation, in true Hoodie Allen fashion, there are a slew of incentives to get fans pre-ordering People Keep Talking as soon as possible (which you can do here!). If you pre-order the album and follow specified social media posting rules, you could be a Grand Prize winner given VIP treatment at People Keep Talking‘s NYC release party – but there are plenty of other prizes in the mix for lower tiers. From merch packages to a Hoodie Pass For Life, there’s no reason for fans not to secure a chance at some of Hoodie’s most generous giveaways yet!

So as we await the release of People Keep Talking – and they most certainly do – be sure to stay tuned in case Hoodie drops fresh content. This motor-mouthed Twitter-lover seems to have mastered the art of hype, turning album releases into ongoing events that keep fans constantly engaged, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a new track drop within the upcoming weeks.

If you haven’t heard it yet, here’s Show Me What You’re Made Of – the first single off People Keep Talking:

Oh, and just because I dig this track so much, here’s Nolan Ryan as well: