Hot Since 82’s “Yourself” Is Dance Floor Salvation


English DJ/producer Hot Since 82 typically puts out music that that exhibits a symbiosis between house and techno – very rarely does he favor one over the other. His latest track, “Yourself,” is about as dark as he gets, and even this record retains undeniable danceability.

Understated synth work is accompanies the kicks, snares and claps at the track’s opening before layers of sound gradually cobble onto the arrangement. The male vocal refrain for which the track is titled rings out with a faint echo effect added before that of a female counterpart answers back at each aural peak.

With house and techno becoming watered down as a result of its staggering resurgence in recent years, it’s good to see a tastemaker like Hot Since 82 do it right once again. Turn up “Yourself” on a proper sound system or quality pair of headphones and embark on an introspective journey.