Hotel Garuda Drop Future Bass Remix Of Kaskade And Felix Cartal’s “Fakin It”


When a track like Kaskade and Felix Cartal’s “Fakin It” makes as big of a splash as it did, it’s easy enough to foresee that a tidal wave of superfluous versions will follow in its wake. Hotel Garuda‘s remix of the track isn’t especially bad, but as strong as the original was, it fails to contribute much that wasn’t already there.

First of all, if you have to listen to a remix over again because you can’t remember exactly how it was different from the source material, you have to wonder whether it was really necessary in the first place. The only element in Hotel Garuda’s remix that memorably contrasts with the original arrangement is its gravelly future house bass line – and it’s safe to say that in 2016, nobody’s gonna be wowed by Massive presets.

At this point, it’s not all that harsh to assert that Hotel Garuda will need to get creative if they want to differentiate their sound from that of similar producers. The current festival season is proving a turning point for quite a few artists, however, so there’s no reason that they can’t make a stronger statement with their upcoming releases.