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How many members are in Twice? All Twice Members and Roles, Explained

All you need to know about one of the most popular groups in K-Pop history.

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Twice is, without a doubt, one of the most popular girl groups in K-Pop history. What is so captivating about the group is how each member plays a specific and unique role, and these roles all complement each other. This has led to them having a huge fanbase, with millions enjoying their highly polished and catchy albums and live shows. 

Their massive success is evident, both inside and outside of the K-Pop space. For example, according to Medium, they were the first K-Pop group to reach 100 million views for a debut music video on YouTube. They were also the first K-Pop girl group to surpass 10 million pure album sales on the charts in Korea and Japan.

Their reach has spread beyond Asia, as more and more people around the world get into their music. To better understand this K-Pop phenomenon, here is a breakdown of everyone in Twice and the roles they play.

Who are Twice? 

Formed in 2015 by JYP Entertainment, the members were selected via a televised talent show called Sixteen. Twice was initially planned to be a seven-member group, but it was increased to a nine-member ensemble when Park Jin-young, JYP’s head producer, decided to add two other girls who had been eliminated earlier in the show.

The group made its debut in October 2015 with their EP, The Story Begins. This, along with the single from the album “Like Ooh-Ahh,” sold well enough for the group to continue. 

Since then, Twice have gone from strength to strength. The group has released seven studio albums and twelve EPs. They have also released a number of catchy and popular songs this year, including “Catch a Wave”, “Crazy Stupid Love”, and “Talk That Talk”.

The success of their work has been seen through their achievement of multiple awards, including a Best In Music Shorty Award in 2020 and the Best Female Group award at 2021’s Mnet Asian Music Awards.

Who are the members of Twice, and what are their roles? 

In K-Pop circles, bands are made up of specific roles. While some of these roles directly link to the music and performances the band puts on, other positions are based on age, looks, or other skills. 

The primary performance roles are vocalist, rapper, and dancer. Within these roles, there are three ranks. These ranks are main, lead, and sub. The main is the one who is considered the best at that role, the lead is the second best, and the sub is the third best. 

The members of Twice have many different roles, and these roles come together to create the band’s distinctive sound and memorable performances. 

Currently, Twice is made up of: 

  • Nayeon – Nayeon is the lead vocalist and the lead dancer. She is also the band’s center (the person who is at the center of most videos and photoshoots).
  • Jeongyeon – Jeongyeon is the lead vocalist.
  • Momo – Momo is the main dancer. She also acts as the band’s sub-vocalist and sub-rapper.
  • Sana – Sana is the group’s sub-vocalist.
  • Jihyo – Jihyo is considered the band’s leader (the one who looks after the other members and talks for the group during interviews). She is also a main vocalist.
  • Mina – Mina is a main dancer and is also a sub-vocalist.
  • Dahyun – Dahyn is the group’s lead rapper and also a sub-vocalist.
  • Chaeyoung – Chaeyoung is the main rapper and also a sub-vocalist.
  • Tzuyu – Tzuyu is a lead dancer as well as a sub-vocalist. She is also the group’s visual (a title often given to the most attractive member). 

If you haven’t already given Twice a listen, it might be the time! Who knows? Listening to them once might turn into listening to them twice, and you might find yourself a fan.

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