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How Tall Is Justin Bieber?

How high does the star stand?

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Justin Bieber

For over a decade, Justin Bieber has been one of pop music’s beloved icons. However, the 27-year-old Canadian singer has come a long way from his teen idol days in 2008 with pop singles like “Baby” to more R&B-styled songs like 2020’s “Yummy.” His current single “Stay” featuring rising star Kid Laroi is still riding high on the Billboard charts, bringing him his eighth number-one single. The man is one of the best-selling artists of all time, with 150 million sales worldwide, multiple documentaries, and many Billboard awards. But how tall is Canada’s first infamous son?

There was a long period during his teenage years where Justin’s height was a hot topic of conversation. Especially when it came to his relationships, considering most of his girlfriends were either his height or taller than him. His most well-known relationship with Selena Gomez was constantly referred to when talking about Justin’s height. In press photos, Gomez, who at the time was only 5’5”, always seemed to tower over Bieber when she was wearing heels. Well, speculation uncovered that Bieber was only 5’4 at the time. But given that Gomez was 18 and Bieber was 16 during this time of their relationship, fans quickly moved on from the gossip of Bieber’s height.

As the singer grew out of his teen phase and started to fill out his frame, Bieber became involved in a very reckless lifestyle as his fame and fortune reached astronomical heights. In 2014, 19-year-old Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami Beach for driving under the influence, driving without a license, and resisting arrest when he was caught drag racing his yellow Lamborghini and failed a sobriety test. The arrest was a dark turn in Bieber’s life which also happened to shed some official light on the singer’s height…

At 19 years old, Bieber was 5’9”. Fast forward eight years and Bieber has learned from his mistakes, developed as a musician and also become more openly dedicated to Christianity. However, it doesn’t seem like his height has changed much though. No longer a bachelor, Justin Bieber has found the love of his life in his wife, Hailey Baldwin, who stands at 5’ 7”. And standing next to her, it’s pretty evident that Justin is only two inches taller.

That means that Justin is still 5’9.” That would also mean that Justin technically hasn’t grown an inch since 2014, and to say he’s 27 now…well, I think you get the idea.

But I will say this, Justin might not have grown much since the age of 19, but at least now no one can say that he’s shorter than his partner.

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