How Tall Is Shawn Mendes?

Shawn Mendes is well known all around the world for his songwriting and impressive vocal skills. The Canadian singer first gained a following in 2013 after posting song covers on Vine’s six-second video sharing application. Fittingly, it was his cover of fellow pop star Justin Bieber’s “As Long As You Love Me” that catapulted him into success, leading to a major record deal with Island Records and the release of his debut EP, The Shawn Mendes, in 2014. According to Ace Showbiz, the EP debuted at number five on the billboard 200 with major thanks to Mendes’s hit single, “Life Of The Party,” which reached number 24 in the Billboard 100 and made Shaun the youngest artist to enter the chart’s top 25 with a debut song.

Wasting no time, Mendes returned in 2015 with his debut LP, Handwritten, which reached number one on the album charts, once again thanks to the album’s lead single, “Stitches.” His biggest single to date, “Stitches,” reached No.4 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and became Mendes’ first top 10 single.

Mendes’ newfound success would soon land him opportunities to work with other great pop singers such as Taylor Swift and former Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello. Later in 2015, Mendes and Cabello co-wrote the song, “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” The duet reached the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100, further solidifying his spot in modern pop culture.

The duet also introduced him to the love of his life, Camila Cabello. Though they did not confirm the relationship until 2019, the two have always been close since “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” For a while, rumours were flying around that the two had become more than friends. Still, it wasn’t until the two were spotted making out in Oakland, Tampa, and Miami that multiple news outlets like Cosmopolitan had reported that the pop stars had started a fling during the summer. But by August of 2019, it was pretty much official that the two were now an item as they continued to fill Instagram with steamy makeout pics and videos.

The couple would return as a duet to collaborate on “Senorita” from Shawn Mendes’ third studio album, Shawn Mendes, even giving fans a steamy music video that confirmed the couple’s romantic chemistry. And as fans began to take a closer look at their favorite new couple, many started to notice just how much more gigantic Shawn was next to Camilla, who only stands at 5′ 2″. So exactly how tall is Shawn Mendes?

How Tall Is Shawn Mendes?

If you’re not already a fan of the “Senorita” singer, then chances are you’re not aware that Shawn Mendes is actually 6′ 2″, the same height as the average basketball player. So it’s no wonder that Shawn seemingly towers over Camilla in all of their posts and videos together; he’s actually a whole foot taller than his famous girlfriend. But seeing as tall men are always popular, I don’t think Camilla has any issue with a pop star boyfriend who looks like he could play for the NBA.