Hudson Mohawke Channels Escape From New York In Latest Track


In case the year-end electronic music releases haven’t quite satisfied your thirst for the avant garde, Hudson Mohawke has ventured off the beaten path for his final release of 2015. As part of music collective LuckyMe’s seventh annual Advent Calendar music compilation, he’s released a retro-focused track titled “Escape.”

While its wavering pad synths might evoke the surreal ambience of ’80s sci-fi films, “Escape” actually draws more direct inspiration from a somewhat less obscure source. After all, the main theme of the 1981 film Escape from New York and the melody of this track are one in the same.

While it’s obviously intended to capture some measure of nostalgic campiness, “Escape” comes across as a little less developed than much of what Hudson Mohawke puts out. Still, seeing as how the Advent Calendar series features a free download every day from December 27th to January 6th, he might have something more palatable coming out in the days to follow.

In the meantime, cue up “Escape” by Hudson Mohawke and tell us where you fall on the track by commenting below.