Hungarian Trance Duo Announce They Are Splitting Up


Although they’ve been a staple of the Trance scene since their inception in 2008, Hungarian production duo Myon & Shane 54 announced today that they would no longer be releasing music together. Composed of Márió Égető (Myon) and Előd Császár (Shane 54), the Trance production team announced that after a decade of working together that they would be separating to focus on their own individual efforts.

In the announcement, they state that “the book isn’t closed” on Myon & Shane 54, but the future of the project is uncertain at this point. While definitely a bit surprising, there were some warning signs leading up to the breakup, with Myon taking over performance duties for the final two shows of their most recent US tour. Additionally, the duo’s podcast, International Departures was taken down recently, resurfacing yesterday followed by the qualifier “with Shane 54,” implying that he would be running the show alone from now on.

While the announcement that Myon & Shane 54 are splitting up comes as sad news for fans, there’s still the possibility of a reunion in the future, as well as the exciting prospect of what is to come from the two producers’ solo ventures.

Source: Your EDM