Icona Pop Debut New Single “Brightside”


Three years have passed since Icona Pop arrived to the U.S. scene with their first international album, This Is… Icona Pop, but they haven’t been entirely M.I.A. since then. This year, they released a collaborative single, “Weekend,” with DJ duo Louis the Kid, and even put out a standalone track in “Someone Who Can Dance.” None of these acted as proper lead singles for a new album, though, because that comes today with the electric “Brightside.”

“Brightside” is filled with charm as the mid-tempo earthy jam plays through, and a nice piano line leads into a catchy, albeit uninspired, chorus. It’s far from their strongest effort, but Icona Pop does accomplish some interesting things with “Brightside.” More importantly, it’s enjoyable enough to keep everyone’s attention until more new music arrives, even if the track isn’t all that original.

As far as to what that album might sound like, the duo told Idolator back in April that new music is “more industrial, but still very poppy.” Six months later and Icona Pop were definitely on the right track with the comparison, so we’ll see in the coming months just how much they stick to their word.