Interscope Finally Approves Diplo and M.I.A.’s “Bird Song”


When it was announced that Diplo and M.I.A. were collaborating on an upcoming single earlier in the month, fans were understandably excited to see the two artists hitting the studio together once again after a tumultuous break up years prior. However, hopes were dashed earlier in the week when M.I.A. took to Twitter to reveal that the song had hit a snag with her label Interscope Records, and the future of the joint effort seemed uncertain. Thankfully, Interscope has finally approved Diplo and M.I.A.’s ornithologically themed collaboration, which is now available for streaming.

Diplo’s production on “Bird Song” far surpasses the Blaqstarr version previously heard, which largely consisted of M.I.A.’s acapella juxtaposed over the kooky melody that features throughout the song. Diplo works in upbeat hip hop grooves behind the rapper’s signature deadpan flow, infused with a Mexican standoff vibe.

It’s great to hear M.I.A. and Diplo working their studio magic together again, and the results are as strong as we’ve come to expect after hits like “Paper Planes.” The collaboration is set to feature on M.I.A.’s upcoming album A.I.M., which will be released on September 9 and has been reported to be her last.