Is AREA21 Martin Garrix’s Side Project?


Ultra 2016 once again proved itself as the world’s premiere electronic dance music festival, bringing in hundreds of thousands in attendance and offering fans hordes of unreleased music.

It’s always fun to sift through the weekend’s most popular sets, pluck out a couple noteworthy IDs, and then anxiously await their full release. However, one ID from Martin Garrix‘s set has stirred quite a bit of conspiracy.

Contrary to the producer’s statement that his Ultra set would be entirely comprised of his own material, an ID played mid-way through his set has just been released as “Spaceships” under the alias AREA21. Now, apart from a few a cappellas gracing the hour long performance, this is the only track that doesn’t bear the Garrix name.

After giving the track a listen, Garrix’s production style is certainly prominent, so there’s little doubt that he’s directly involved. But what’s left the internet buzzing is the AREA21 logo. It depicts two aliens in a spacecraft, hinting at a dual effort between Martin Garrix and someone else. So, who is this mystery collaborator?

Yesterday, a storm of activity hit social media, incited mostly by friends of Scooter Braun, who coincidentally happens to be Martin Garrix‘s manager. Because of Braun’s vast reach into the world of music, these various social media interactions have spurred massive discussion as to which artist might be the second alien in AREA21. Some say the mystery collaborator is Asher Roth, some say Justin Bieber, and some speculate it’s someone else entirely. We’ll just have to wait and see as the story unfolds.

Your EDM confirmed the track is indeed signed to Martin Garrix’s label STMPD Records, but his team declined to provide any further details.