New Jack U Track Dropped By Diplo Ahead Of Release


At Concorde Atlantique in Paris, Diplo gave the crowd a real treat by dropping a yet-to-be-released Jack U track entitled, Take You There. Led by super talented Canadian female vocalist Kiesza, the track starts off hot and only gets hotter.

The singer’s voice is a strong component of the song and perfectly fits in with the vibe and melody that Jack U wants to express. Hopefully this is only the beginning of her vocal career in EDM, as she is absolutely made to sing over this music.

Not happy with the way the sound system was projecting his brand new baby and the lovely voice of EDM’s newest beauty, Diplo made sure to comment “it sounds like shit” because of the subpar audio equipment. Still, we can’t help but to feel like Jack U has a hit on their hands with this one.

Jack U, the amazing collaboration between Mad Decent record label owner Diplo and “brostep” megastar Skrillex has been the talk of the town since they first announced that they would be joining forces. Their first live performance together at Ultra Music Festival solidified the pair’s prowess and it’s all been up from there. It’s certain to say their future as a duo is going to continue to be very bright as well, as they’ve confirmed that they will make original tracks together. However, any sort of release date isn’t even rumored at this time.

Check out the new tune below and be sure to follow Jack U on SoundCloud to stay up to date on their latest releases.