Jack Ü And Justin Bieber Talk Even More About Where Are Ü Now


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In a New York Times video interview that’s making its rounds for all the wrong reasons, Justin Bieber and Jack Ü‘s Skrillex and Diplo divulge the creative process behind their manufactured festival hit “Where Are Ü Now.” While Skrillex and Diplo almost could have succeeded in convincing us that the track was some kind of musical opus, Bieber’s own dialogue cut it back down to size by giving the song’s critics (like us, for instance) even more firepower.

For reasons that us common folk may never grasp, the video editors started things off with a particularly ludicrous clip of Bieber talking. “It’s expensive, you know what I mean?” he says into the camera. “It’s like the sounds that are used are not cheap. They’re very expensive-sounding sounds.”

For good reason, the video has elicited a tidal wave of mockery from the EDM community – not the least of which being deadmau5, who has famously taken issue with “Where Are Ü Now” before. This week, he made the following Tweets after seeing the video:

In addition to this highly entertaining Instagram post:  


Yeah. It’s expensive allright. This fucking remix cost me 60k.

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But no matter what the ‘mau5 thinks about Justin Bieber, Jack Ü or their anthemic brainchild, “Where Are Ü Now,” we want to know how you weigh in on the topic. Check out the full interview here and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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