Jauz’ Remix Of DJ Snake’s “Propaganda” Spans Several Genres


Jauz has appropriated Discovery Channel’s Shark Week as a means of debuting his own music, and he’s launched the concept to coincide with his latest release. The L.A.-based DJ/producer has uploaded a remix of DJ Snake’s “Propaganda” to his SoundCloud account that fits its production elements within a breakbeat framework.

The metallic sawtooth synths and hyphy vocal samples of the original are slowed down in Jauz’ version of “Propaganda,” which alternates between a syncopated drum pattern and four-four beat in the beginning portion of the track. The latter drop features the half-time tempo of dubstep, which fits surprisingly well alongside everything that came before it.

We’re only one day into Shark Week, however, so who knows what else Jauz has in store for us. Check back with us from time to time as the hugely celebrated DJ/producer is bound to release more goodies to his ever-growing fanbase in the next several days.