Jauz Drops His Remix Of Passion Pit’s “Sleepyhead”


During his stint at Ultra Singapore a few weeks back, Jauz seized the opportunity to premiere his then unreleased remix of “Sleepyhead” by indietronica band Passion Pit. In the wake of deadmau5’s comments that he wouldn’t collaborate with the Shark themed producer, Jauz is rising above with the release of his Passion Pit remix in full.

As we previously heard from the Ultra live rip, Jauz delivers a solid rework of “Sleepyhead,” and fans will be excited to hear a high quality version of the remix. Kicking off with twinkling synth melodies and a plodding bassline, the “Feel The Volume” producer works in the altered vocal track from the original song, before moving into lighthearted future bass drops with rubbery plucks and 8 bit arpeggios.

Channeling his inner Marshmello, Jauz offers up a future bass re-imagining of Passion Pit’s 2009 song, retaining enough of the original’s identity while infusing plenty of deviation from the source material into the mix. And to make things that much sweeter, he’s offered up his new remix as a free download, which you can grab here.