Jauz Drops A Track So Fire That It Sets Off Smoke Alarms


The EDM world is definitely in that honeymoon phase with Jauz where he can still do no wrong – and at this point, it’s easy to see why. The bass house pioneer has had the kind of breakout year that bedroom DJ/producers dream of, and the track he just debuted at Beta Nightclub in Denver, Colorado will only cement his legacy further.

It doesn’t take a lot for Jauz to adapt his signature style to the dubstep-loving sensibilities of Colorado bass heads; after all, for all intents and purposes bass house is just dubstep that’s been slowed down to 128 beats per minute and had its drum pattern bumped up to double time. By the looks of things, though, the as-yet-unreleased ID he dropped was too hot for the crowd to handle, as apparently the smoke detectors went off and he was forced to give his fans a 20-minute intermission.

Until a high-quality teaser or official release of Jauz‘ new track comes out, check out the video of its live debut at Beta Nightclub in Denver, Colorado below.