Jauz Premieres Hyphy New Skrillex Collab Live


Why is it that every one of Skrillex’s collaborations other than the Jack Ü project still manages to turn out quality music? He and bass house poster child Jauz teamed up on a track recently that the latter artist debuted at Summer Set Music & Camping Festival in Wisconsin over the weekend, and you owe it to yourself to check out.

But first, can we address that a ton of tracks labeled bass house are breakbeat driven? The syncopated percussion in this ID – which many are speculating is titled “Drunk Squad” and features verses by rapper Fatman Scoop – is similar to the releases of breaks artists like Stanton Warriors or Evil Nine, but for whatever reason it’s being lumped into the house category while the breaks genre continues to languish. The only element that makes it sound like bass house is the LFO loop wobble, but when you get down to it, even that element’s been appropriated from dubstep.

Other music fans have expressed different qualms with the ID, though, claiming that the track sounds like a direct ripoff of Valentino Khan’s remix of Skrillex and Boys Noize’s “Recess.”

For reference, the remix is below:

Skrillex even went as far as to be the bigger person and own up to Khan’s track inspiring his and Jauz’ release:

Skrillex has also revealed that he and Jauz will release their ID for free in a matter of days, so if you like what you hear, then check back with us for the high-quality version.

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