Jauz And San Holo Team Up On Heavy Future Bass Collab “OK!”


It feels like it’s been ages since Jauz and San Holo first started teasing their long awaited collaboration. Fans got their first taste of the tune earlier in the year when Jauz shared a clip asking for name suggestions, and now the two producers have finally unveiled their joint effort in the form of “OK!” The new single is a seamless blend of each artist’s style, delivering a hard hitting future bass cut worthy of the wait.

“OK!” draws on a number of diverse genre influences, with touches of trap, dubstep and future bass contributing to its overall sound. The new single kicks off with some deep sub kicks and whining synth leads layered under some unattributed female vocals. After a drawn out build up, “OK!” shifts into bass driven drops with Jauz’s signature wubs set against occasional chord splashes and trap rhythms.

Jauz and San Holo concoct a melting pot of the aforementioned dance music influences to deliver a unique production on “OK!” without sacrificing the stylistic signifiers that define their respective sounds.