Jauz Takes On Porter Robinson’s “Language” With DnB Remix


Jauz is taking on Porter Robinson with a fresh drum and bass remix of his progressive house classic “Language.” Released in 2012, “Language” was a song that would go on to signal the impending shift towards the type of material heard on the ground breaking Worlds LP, and became an instant fan favorite. Jauz first previewed the remix back in September, and we’re stoked to finally hear the full version make its way online.

For his remix, Jauz trades in the four on the floor rhythms in favor of spastic breakbeats, bringing a new vibe to the pastoral original. The new rework opens innocently enough, with Robinson’s familiar chord progression serving as a stark introduction. Picking up the pace, Jauz juxtaposes the dreamy synth work against sped up drum patterns, bringing a liquid drum and bass vibe to the song.

The lush melodies present on “Language” work surprisingly well in the drum and bass arena, as Jauz carefully crafts expert breakbeat rhythms and mind bending sound design into the production. We’re happy to see the best elements from the original release have been preserved, while the transformation of its rhythmic content makes for a worthy flip.

Jauz has offered up his “Language” remix as a free download, so be sure to grab your own copy here.