Jay Hardway Bottles Exotic Animals Into New Track


Hardwell just snuck the world a peek at Jay Hardway‘s newest track, and we shan’t utter the expletives here. Titled “Electric Elephants,” the release is scheduled for November 2nd, and packs all the hard hitting electro you’ve come to expect from Spinnin’.

Hardway’s pulled off some inventive sound design with this one, complementing classic electro chimes with a fresh perspective. Stuffing lush ambience into a heavy kick, “Electric Elephants” makes the most of the entire range of frequencies, with traces of jazz tossed into the bridge to create a seamless transition. The most notable aspect, left to breathe amongst chopped choir chants, is the lead synth with its marvelously skewed attack, which simply commands attention.

Overall, it’s a standout track, and Hardwell seems to agree. Have a listen above, and stay tuned for Jay Hardway’s “Electric Elephants'” November 2nd release.