Jay Hardway Experiments On Latest Single “Somnia”


After teaming up with Bassjackers earlier in the summer on “El Mariachi,” Jay Hardway is back with a new single titled “Somnia.” Speaking about his latest offering, the Dutch DJ reveals he wanted to work outside his comfort zone a bit, stating “I feel like it’s an experiment to try and push boundaries in the scene that I am in and I want to push myself to be original [with] every release.”

“Somnia” kicks off with a bang as four on the floor rhythms are layered beneath trancey synth arpeggios, before the energy drops down to make way for a lone music box melody. The opening synth patterns re-enter the speakers as suddenly as they dropped away, building up to massive progressive house drops with staccato synth hits and choral vocoder parts. Jay Hardway keeps the new tune rolling on a high note, introducing soaring synth leads over driving rhythms, before bringing “Somnia” to a close just shy of the three minute mark.

Jay Hardway‘s latest effort is a blast of dancefloor power that makes the most out of its fairly short runtime, opting to expend its energy in a rapid manor rather than tease the listener with lengthy build ups. While it’s not a radical departure from current trends in house, he manages to deliver a unique production with plenty of merit.

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