Jay-Z says no one could beat him in a Verzuz battle, but the internet disagrees

It’s no secret that famous rappers can put up quite the tough front at times with shows of confidence that may be extremely earned, or unearned, depending on who you ask. Today, the internet has decidedly fallen into the category that Jay-Z saying no one could beat him in a Verzuz battle is in the unearned category.

When asked about a potential Verzuz battle in the future in a group on Twitter Spaces, Jay-Z said, “there’s not a chance in hell that anyone can stand on that stage with me.” Well sorry Jay-Z, but the internet doesn’t seem to agree.

Jay-Z’s comments made Lil Wayne’s name the number one trend across Twitter for some time Wednesday as music-lovers the world over absolutely piled on with the suggestion that Wayne would be the ultimate winner if the two went head to head.

Quite a few famous names got in on the action, including comedian Lil Duval who declared, “I like jay z more but lil Wayne would run thru him in a verzuz.”

DJ Kam Bennet also agreed, and with his experience in the world of entertainment, that’s an opinion that carries a lot of weight.

It wasn’t just Lil Wayne who was suggested, however, with several rap fans also coming out to say that Eminem could also be a solid contender.

Of course, it’s not like Jay-Z lacked supporters either, though they seemed to be fewer in number than the rest. We’ll see if he recruits Beyoncé to join the chat.