Jenaux Brings The Big Room Funk With New Remix


Continuing on with his transition from progressive house to big room funk, NYC-based producer Jenaux is back with another huge remix, once again delivering to us his fresh new sound that we just cannot get enough of.

Sporting top notch production, as always, this time around he digs into Mr. Rogers’ “I’ll Take You.” And, just as he’s done with his past few efforts, Jenaux puts a funky spin on the track, infusing it with an infectious sound that will ensure you have this one on repeat for the next little while.

When we asked the producer about why he decided to go with a remix of this particular song for his next piece of work, he told us the following:

“Big Beat sent me a bunch of tracks to potentially remix and I chose this one because of the vibe it was giving off. I felt I could do something eclectic, yet in this new funk direction, and still driving toward a pop oriented sound.”

Though he certainly has a strong handle on the progressive house genre, as proven by tracks like “Renegades,” we’re really digging this new sound that Jenaux has been experimenting with and can’t wait to see how he’ll apply it to his next original.

Take a listen to “I’ll Take You” above and as always, let us know if you’re a fan by leaving a comment below.

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