Jenaux Delivers Kygo Remix, Defines Sound As Big Room Funk


When an artist like Jenaux puts out something unique, it excites us music writers – and when they go the extra mile and make our jobs easier by telling us what to call it, it’s just the icing on the cake.

“Big room funk” is what the NYC-based producer has taken to calling his stylistic synthesis of progressive house and future bass. In the case of his remix of Kygo and Will Heard’s “Nothing Left,” it takes on a particularly Madeon-like quality, especially where these elements are fused with the instrumental tracks of the original.

2015 has turned out to be the year that Jenaux came into his own as an artist; after releasing a couple of progressive house tracks, he began to perfect the sound which he would be able to call his own. Seeing as how it’s all been remixes so far, however, it remains to be seen what he’ll turn out in the way of originals now that he’s found his signature style. So far though, we’re definitely digging what we hear.

Listen to Jenaux‘s remix of Kygo’s “Nothing Left” featuring Will Heard above and tell us what you think of his big room funk sound in the comments section below.