Jenaux Releases What We’ve All Been Waiting For With “Get It On”


It’s been several months since Jenaux formulated his “big room funk” sound, but even longer since he put out an original release. By the looks of things though, he’s finally recognized the demand for one, and “Get It On” measures up to everything we’ve come to expect from the NYC-based DJ/producer.

Built around a pitch-shifted version of a vocal clip that Jenaux’s friend Jake Warren sent him, “Get It On” mixes rich instrumentals with progressive house-inspired sound design elements. The whole of the arrangement makes it a worthy candidate for his first original track of 2016, as it goes through plenty of engaging peaks and valleys.

In the SoundCloud blurb for the track, Jenaux says:

I haven’t released an original in almost a year. I realized that although I was garnering support from some of the greats that I looked up to, like Armin, Tiesto, Above & Beyond, etc; none of it mattered, because I found myself doing something that wasn’t me. I was chasing trends, instead of trying to set them. I was trying to remake tracks that had already been made. I wasn’t pushing myself creatively. Of course it’s hard to do something different, but I think that’s why I was scared. I was scared of failing, and I was comfortable. It’s easy to do something people know, people like, something people have already embraced. It’s hard to challenge yourself, take a risk, and continue to believe in yourself no matter what comes about.

Word on the street is that Jenaux is about to release something else on Wednesday, the 4th – so check back with us for more on that in a couple of days.