Jenaux Drops A Funky Remix Of Gramatik’s “Native Son Prequel”


New York based producer Jenaux is one of the fastest rising artists in the dance music scene, garnering respect from major players like Porter Robinson and Zedd, while dropping a number of memorable remixes and original cuts. This week, the 23- year-old producer has returned with an infectious new remix of Gramatik’s “Native Son Prequel.”

For his take on the song, Jenaux ups the funk vibes present in the original track, while switching up the rhythms and adding in some new elements that take the song to new heights. He opens his version of “Native Son Prequel” with a catchy guitar lick drenched in a retro wah-wah effect, as Leo Napier’s distinctive vocals ring out the familiar tune. A solid breakbeat runs throughout the track, providing some major energy for the dance floors.

The Gramatik remix is just the latest of Jenaux‘s hot streak, who delivers an inspired take on the original hit. Give it a listen above and if you dig it, you can purchase the new remix here.