Jewelz & Sparks Show That They Can Fly In Tiësto’s Clublife Premiere


After Tiësto’s latest Clublife podcast, it’s safe to say that a new name will be bouncing around the EDM blogosphere in the coming months: Jewelz & Sparks. After a relatively quiet 2015, the German DJ/producer duo has returned to the EDM world’s consciousness with “I Can Fly,” a track which had already generated considerable buzz before receiving support from one of the world’s most influential DJs.

Jewelz & Sparks brought back elements that made 2014’s “Phantom & Reptile” an instant hit – namely the airy synths that helped the track straddle the line between the harder and softer sides of house music. Pitch-shifted vocal sample cuts fill “I Can Fly” with an ethereal energy, giving it an appeal that translates to both nightclub and festival settings.

While Jewelz & Sparks may not have become as household a name as perhaps they ought to up until now, it stands to reason that this push from Tiësto will garner them the recognition they deserve.

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