Joakim Molitor Steals Alesso’s Steeze With “Hero” Ft. Lena Leon


Alright guys, time to pack things up; it looks like we’ve finally made every EDM song humanly possible. Joakim Molitor has returned after the success of 2015’s “I Wanna Rock With U” and “Morning Sun” with a brand-new track titled “Hero” featuring Lena Leon – but alas, it bears striking similarities to “Tear The Roof Up” by Alesso.

You might remember when we sung the latter track’s praises last year for its unique, almost rock-like take on the progressive house formula. Apparently Molitor liked it as well, because whether intentionally or otherwise he turned out a track whose lead synth melody follows almost the exact same progression.

The drop even hits at the same time; fast forward to 1:00 in the SoundCloud embed above and then to 1:00 in the YouTube embed below to see what we mean.

Nonetheless, “Hero” does offer some new material at the bridge where Leon’s vocals start, and overall it’s certainly a catch song. Give it a listen for yourself and as always, let us know if you’d like to hear more from Joakim Molitor by commenting down below.

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