Joe Roller’s Moonlight / Sunlight EP Captures Serenity In Sound Design


Amid the electronic music community’s mass exodus from the main stage, it’s refreshing to discover an artist capable of putting out sophisticated progressive house. This week, Denver producer Joe Roller has made his Beatport debut with Moonlight / Sunlight, a two-song EP that beautifully encapsulates the softer side of the genre.

“Moonlight” is an 11-minute odyssey built upon a tranquil pluck synth melody, while the significantly shorter “Sunlight” is characterized by an arguably trancier progression. Both tracks utilize delay and glitch effects – both of which Roller explains bear personal meaning.

When asked about the musings that led to Moonlight / Sunlight, the producer tells us:

Moonlight is about the joy of loss – how you must let go and enjoy life – the dual nature of life and death happening at once, for they are one. Sunlight has Warner colors and tones that allude to the daytime experience: partying, running around, and visualizing the sounds around you. I shared some of the most beautiful moments of my life in the hopes that it can make the lives of others richer.

Joe Roller‘s Moonlight / Sunlight arrives today through Elevated Movement Records, and is now available on Beatport. After listening to the EP, look out for more from the promising new artist in the months to follow.