John Dahlback’s “Where Are You” Ft. Lovestarrs Is Too Formulaic


Are you as tired of cheesy pop EDM tracks as we are? John Dahlback doesn’t seem to be. After delivering a significantly more cerebral track in the form of “Raven” earlier in the year, the Swedish producer has opted for a risk-free main stage anthem approach with “Where Are You.”

After saccharine verses by vocalist Lovestarrs usher in a muted pluck melody, an entirely interchangeable synth lead accompanies a radio-friendly chorus. Producing songs like this may be the fast road to securing placement in famous DJs’ sets, but how fulfilling can it actually be for an artist of John Dahlback’s caliber?

“Where Are You” is the first of many new tracks from John Dahlback‘s upcoming album, Saga. After listening to the song, head down to the comments section and let us know if you’re looking forward to the rest of the effort.