John Mayer Announces “Love On The Weekend” Out November 17th


John Mayer has been teasing new material for a while now, but today we finally get some insight as to when we’ll actually be able to hear what he’s been hard at work on. Posting on Instagram, Mayer dropped the news of a new, well, something, called “Love On The Weekend,” coming out on November 17th.

Chances are, what’s going to emerge from this is simply going to be a single, despite the fact that the title would make for a pretty snazzy album name. You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but with “Love On The Weekend” written in a throwback font planted on a pink background, does that tell us that this could potentially have a lighter, poppier edge to it?

It just might, if you want to go off anything that Mayer has said himself. In mid-October, he tweeted, “Pop music, I’m coming back,” but a mysterious clip posted by him on Instagram recently says otherwise – the sound has a big jazzy tone to it and hardly fodder for pop radio. Either way, it’s just a relief that John Mayer will be returning with new music at all, regardless of what it will end up sounding like.