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John Mayer says he’s working on song for Bob Saget

John Mayer is working on a song for Bob Saget that will honor the relationship they shared and the depth of their bond.

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John Mayer is working on a song for one of his “favorite people in the galaxy,” Bob Saget, and it’s going to be an emotional one.

Mayer sat down for a chat with Andy Cohen, and the two discussed his relationship with Saget and how he’s been dealing with the loss of someone he was so inexplicably linked with.

During their chat, Mayer revealed that he’s working on a song for Saget, and he knows how the song will go. It’s a number he keeps working with, a fluid circumstance until he gets it all out there and puts together something that encompasses what they meant to one another.

“I have this song that’s my friend, sort of my little collection plate for ideas or thoughts I have about Bob. I put it in the plate and keep working on the song. I work on it when I’m in the car and driving. I know how the song goes. This song that I have is very much this connected tissue I have to him, and I just keep working on it.”

Mayer also shared that Saget’s “whole thing” was to love. Several people who have spoken about their time and bond with Saget have mentioned that he repeatedly told them how much he loved and appreciated them.

“You just discover what is more to be loved in this lifetime and that was Bob’s whole thing,” Mayer said.

“Bob knew how much I loved him mostly because I said, ‘I love you too.’ And he engendered that relationship with us. I would not have said it to him as much if he had not said it to me first repeatedly.”

Mayer also commented on how his love for Saget helped him through that murky part of grief where you wonder if you’re grieving enough, too much, or the “right way.”

“I loved that guy so much. That one was just no question. There are some times when we lose someone and we ask ourselves, ‘What’s my appropriate level of being upset? Where do I stand here in my level of upset? That one was right over me. That was someone that everyone knew, that in real time was like, this is one of my favorite people in the galaxy, and I’m proud of this relationship.”

While there’s no timeline for Mayer to complete the song, we know it’ll be something exceptional for him and something that honors their bond.

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