Joman’s REM Remix Is The One We Love


Remixes of classic rock songs rarely yield memorable EDM tracks, but in the right hands there’s no reason they can’t make for such. Denver-based Joman recently took it upon himself to remind his fanbase just how capable of a producer he is by delivering an intelligently arranged progressive house remix of the iconic late ’80s REM ballad “The One I Love,” which holds up with or without nostalgia from original.

After all, while few contemporary EDM fans likely even remember the band REM, ’80s and ’90s babies will be amazed at how well the stylistic synthesis actually works. Despite the quartet’s famously folky style, Michael Stipe’s original vocal translates well into the format of a progressive house anthem fit for the main stage.

“I’ve had it in mind for a while to remix that song for two reasons,” Joman told We Got This Covered. “1) I love the vocal and 2) the original is the perfect tempo for a club track at almost exactly 128 BPM – so I didn’t have to do much time stretching.”

Seeing as how he’s no stranger to coming up with viral content, either, it’s safe to assert that fans can probably expect an official music video for the remix in the near future as well.

Check out Joman‘s remix of “The One I Love” by REM and tell us what you think in the comments section.

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