Joseph Capriati Launches New Record Label Redimension


Joseph Capriati has emerged as a favorite among techno fans over the past several years, and now he’s using his celebrity as a platform for similar artists. The Italian DJ/producer has announced the launch of his very own record label called Redimension.

Capriati has said that he intends to use the platform as a means of promoting the music of “close friends and emerging talents.” The inaugural Redimension release will be Redimension001, an EP consisting of two tracks on which he collaborated with techno icon Adam Beyer titled “A1 Parallels” and “B2 External Links.”

Capriati’s history with Beyer extends at least as far back as 2009, when he was first signed to Beyer’s own record label, Drumcode. In 2013 he released an album through the imprint titled Self Portrait that played no small part in propelling his career to its present height.

Joseph Capriati and Adam Beyer’s Redimension001 will officially come out through Redimension on June 20th. After that, it will be interesting to see who the producer takes under his wing in the years to follow.