Juice WRLD’s mother shares moving tribute letter on what would have been his 23rd birthday

Screengrab via HBO Max

When the tragic news of Juice WRLD’s death shocked everyone on Dec. 8 of 2019, fans immediately took to social media to share messages of heartache, pain, and condolences for their friends and loved ones. Juice WRLD, Jarad Higgins, was a talent beyond words and someone fans looked up to not just for his musical abilities; but also for the messages he shared with anyone who desperately needed to hear it.

He gave music fans a look at someone struggling but still fighting, someone talented but still in pain, and he gave hope to those going through the same kinds of mental health issues. He didn’t shy away from his “demons”; he used them to help motivate others to get through somehow.

Fans will get another look into Juice WRLD’s life as an announcement for Juice WRLD day was posted to Instagram last month. Dec. 9 will honor Juice WRLD’s life, be the date for fans to experience a pre-release of his album and a documentary preview for the story that deserves to be told. There will also be special appearances and performances from guests at the United Center in Chicago.

Fans note that today would have been Juice WRLD’s 23rd birthday and his mother, Carmela, penned a note to him that has been shared with fans. Complex first shared the letter from Jarad’s mother, and it’s as heartwrenching as it is full of love and the magic that existed between them.

“Dear Jarad,
When you were born 23 years ago, I never expected that you would not to be here today celebrating your birthday. Although it has been nearly two years since you’ve been gone, I still think about you every day and losing you has changed my life forever. I’m glad that we always made sure that we said goodbye when we left each other because we didn’t knotiw when we would see each other again.”

She went on to share that she’s sure they would have shared conversation, much like all parents do with their children on their birthdays, about how time flies, and it seems like just yesterday that he was born. She would have told him that she was proud of him and his dedication to changing the lives of others.

She said she simply misses celebrating his birthday; she misses all of the things they did together. Carmela also shared a sweet moment about a birthday where Jarad found a present she’d hidden for him.

“I remember when you found your birthday gift the year that you turned nine. It was a white mp3 player that I hid in my closet. When you found it, you were too excited to hide the fact that you found it and proceeded to share with me how much you wanted a white mp3 player for your birthday. I thought about taking it back to the store and surprising you with something else, but I decided to give it to you anyway. As time passed and we talked about it, you realized that you would rather wait for the surprise than find your gifts early.”

The two shared laughs about that MP3 player for years after his 9th birthday, and she said she’s sure they would have done the same today. She then shared a deeper look into why he was so passionate about his music and how Jarad wished to share healing messages to those who suffered from anxiety and depression, wanting to be a voice for anyone who hurt.

“You touched the world through your music with honesty and transparency. You shared a message of healing and sincerely desired to make a difference in the lives of others. I still receive messages from fans saying how your music helped them with anxiety and depression. I promise to continue your message of healing and use Live Free 999 as an avenue to normalize the conversation around mental health and substance dependency and help those who suffer in silence.”

A post was shared on Juice Wrld’s Instagram just days ago that warmed the hearts of his fans and hurt them at the same time. His posthumous album is being released on Dec. 10, and then forward to the announcement shares that you are not your struggles and that anxiety and depression don’t define those who live with it.

Fans then hear his voice as he shares his pain and journey and lyrics to a song describing his journey fighting against his demons.

Carmela finished the sweet letter with a sentiment of love and gratitude for their time together.

Happy 23rd Birthday Jarad, I love you dearly. I’m thankful for the time that we had and will forever cherish every moment that we shared.