Justice Tease Something Big With New Artwork

Justice002 (1)

In the five years following the release of Justice‘s last album Audio, Video, Disco, fans have waited impatiently for new music to surface as rumors spread like wildfire that the French electro duo would be churning something out soon. Little bits of information have leaked out over the last twelve months, with a number of sources stating that the third Justice album would be arriving soon. More recently, the duo dropped a new single titled “Safe and Sound,” bringing the anticipation to a fever pitch.

Now another update has surfaced as Justice take to social media today to share some mysterious new artwork, leading many to believe we’ve gotten our first glimpse at their third album’s cover. The artwork features vibrant, oily liquid spilling over the familiar cross motif that has graced their previous albums, with the sole caption of “WOMAN.”

If the new art represents the cover of the third Justice album, then it’s no stretch of the imagination that WOMAN may be the title as well. Justice are set to be the focus of an episode of Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show tomorrow and there is heavy expectation that a new single will be premiered during the program. With 2016 quickly coming to a close, we have our fingers crossed that the new album will be unveiled soon enough.

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