Justin Bieber Compares His And Skrillex’s “Sorry” To A Classic In New Interview

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After having the weekend to let Purpose resonate through the music community after its release, Justin Bieber has had the opportunity to discuss the highly anticipated album in an interview with NME. To the resounding disapproval of just about everyone with a keyboard, though, he made the PR misstep of likening his and Skrillex’s “Sorry” to The Beatles’ “Let It Be.”

While discussing “Sorry,” Bieber drew the following comparison:

It’s like The Beatles’ ‘Let it Be;’ it’s like, it’s simple melodies but it’s so effective and I think music right now is missing simple and effective…

Cue the internet imploding. Yes, it’s something of a sacrilege for a pop star like Justin Bieber to compare one of his songs to John Lennon’s 1970 masterpiece – but then again, didn’t John Lennon himself quip that The Beatles were “bigger than Jesus” in an interview several years before that? Perhaps we can write Bieber’s remark off as a posthumous karmic payback for Lennon’s equally if not more offensive quote without letting it put a damper on the success of Purpose.

Either way, Justin Bieber‘s interview has a few more noteworthy moments as well. Watch it in its entirety below and let us know what else jumps out at you by making a trip down to the comments section.