Justin Bieber And Diplo Tease Where Are Ü Now Video



It’s been a couple months since Justin Bieber showed up onstage during Jack Ü’s set at Ultra Music Festival to perform their collaboration, “Where Are Ü Now,” and a series of snaps and Tweets now indicates that the official music video for the track is underway.

While the tie-in between the three artists seemed more like a strategic business move than an organic creative endeavor, it’ll likely still be remembered as one of the crossovers that cemented EDM as a force to be reckoned with in the world of music – so it stands to reason that it deserves its own video.

Recently, Diplo tweeted the following clip, which shows the clearest snippet of the final product out of everything revealed:

Bieber shared some behind-the-scenes video of the shoot itself as well.

…And also Tweeted it.


While no official date has been provided yet for the release of the “Where Are Ü Now” video, we’re certain that it will drop shortly. And, when it does, we’ll definitely have it for you here, so stay tuned.

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