Justin Bieber Gets An Idyllic Future Bass Remix


Vanic just slammed the internet with an idyllic remix of Justin Bieber‘s “Love Yourself,” and it’s nothing short of remarkable. The Vancouver-based producer has crafted a gorgeous blend of swelling future bass interspersed with moombah for a delectable bout of dance.

Vanic has added some waxing synths to beautifully emulate the guitar melody, and a hint of latin rhythm accentuates the track’s dance-ability tenfold. He’s stayed true to the essence of Bieber’s original, renovating the breakdown to heighten the theme started by the acoustic melody. Subtle brass ushers bursting leads into the foreground, and the percussion has a delightful sense of warmth.

Listen above to check out Vanic’s latest, and grab his “Love Yourself” remix as a free download.

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