Justin Bieber Says Sorry With His New Skrillex-Produced Track


The new Justin Bieber and Skrillex collab is here, and it’s moombahton! Yes, there’s no denying that infectious latin rhythm or beaming lead, “Sorry” is unapologetically dance. Co-written with BLOOD, it’s not the same as either “What Do You Mean?” or “Where Are Ü Now.” Still, there’s something about it that just fits in with the other material we’ve heard. Have a listen above and you’ll understand what we’re getting at.

Judge the accompanying video however you may, but dance choreography will never die, and we actually quite like it. Edited like that of a dance track with some beat-driven thrusting, the aesthetic is doubtlessly a continuation of what started with Jack Ü’s “Where Are Ü Now,” just look at the costume design.

Regarding the track itself, there’s only one way to say it, “Sorry” is sonically rich. That deeply moving brass along with a surprisingly heartfelt kick… It all just breathes warmth. Filtered to perfection with an ambient crackling of vinyl, and juxtaposing a monkey screech against moments of emotionally charged piano, all we can say is, once again, Skrillex makes Bieber sound damn good.

Snag “Sorry” for yourself when you pre-order Justin Bieber’s Purpose now on iTunes.