Justin Bieber To Skrillex: We Got Another One

Justin Bieber And Skrillex Visit Y100 Radio Station

It’s been a month since I had to write anything about Justin Bieber, Skrillex or the piece of aural excrement known as “Where Are Ü Now” that they squeezed out through Skrillex and Diplo’s Jack Ü project. Bieber appears to have decided that he wanted to put out something more newsworthy than his genitals, though, because he’s taken to social media to hint at something new that he and Skrillex have in the works.

In a relatively cryptic gesture, Bieber tweeted the following:

It’s no secret that the two have been in the studio as of late working on Bieber’s upcoming album, Purpose, but perhaps the tone of Bieber’s Tweet suggests that they’ve got something that better represents the point where they converge artistically, as “Where are Ü Now” did. For that matter, maybe what they bring to the table will hit our ears better than their first track did as well.