Justin Bieber Storms Off Stage After Trying To Clean Up After Fans


Justin Bieber was just trying to do the right thing. A fan spilled something on stage, it very well could have been drool from a hysteric teenage audience, and all Justin wanted to do was clean it up. It makes sense, considering his performance is packed with dance choreography, and a slick floor is actually quite dangerous. Still, this video confirms that despite his best efforts, he hasn’t fully shed his bratty persona.

We understand that the rigors of touring can sometimes be suffocating, and that tempers can flare for no reason when under that kind of stress. But treating fans like this, the very fans that allow you to be a multi-million dollar pop star, isn’t such a great idea.

Doubtless, Justin Bieber‘s latest electronic crossover hits like “Sorry,” “What Do You Mean?” and “Where Are Ü Now” were going to be among the songs featured in his performance, but he stormed offstage just because a few front row girls wanted to touch him. He’s since apologized via Instagram, but the fact remains: that was a weak move, Justin.