JVST SAY YES And Torro Torro’s “Give It Time” Is 2016 Breaks


It’s about time an up-and-coming DJ/producer properly reps breaks. The once-widespread breakbeat genre has been repurposed by the likes of Jauz, Ephwurd and Skrillex as the bass house genre has exploded out of the L.A. scene from 2015-2016, but JVST SAY YES is among the first to give credit to its stylistic origins.

The producer recently uploaded a preview clip of his Torro Torro collaboration “Give It Time” – which will soon come out on an EP of its namesake. In addition to the LFO loop wobbles characteristic of bass house and tastefully pitch-shifted vocal samples, the drop of the track also features the syncopated drum pattern that once defined the Florida-originated breaks genre (which has tragically faded into obscurity over the past decade).

In a respectable move, JVST SAY YES gave it a nod when he began promoting the track on social media:

Being that JVST SAY YES is one of the fastest-rising names in bass house, hopefully more artists will get behind a breakbeat resurgence in the coming months of the 2016 festival season. As for the Give It Time EP, it will come out through Disciple Recordings on May 16th.

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